One of the most revolutionary surgical procedures of the last decades is Arthroscopy. To this end we have created a set of art equipment to provide excellent image, guaranteeing the optimum quality while shaving (Shaver) with a high speed control accuracy.



The search for continuous improvement, taking into account the needs and expectations of our clients, projected us to the forefront nationally and internationally in medical equipment, electronic and robotic designs.

For this reason we have created the mechatronic-orthopedic cannulated perforator and screwdriver with programmable digital torque control and oscillating saw “Mechatronic Ortho ScrewDrill” model MSD0611-D.

This system reduces the risk of over-adjustment and / or damage of the thread in the bone, with its innovative system unique in the programmable torque market, while ensuring that all screws in a plate are adjusted with the same torque which improves stability and resistance to loosening.

Moreover, thanks to its constant speed digital control system, it reduces the risk of necrosis formation due to friction, improving the regeneration process.


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