Meeting the expectations on
Cutting Edge Technology
Equipment Development

¡ Since 1.992 !


Design and Manufacture of Excellent Quality and Cutting Edge Technology Equipment, applicable in Robotics, Electronics and Medical areas always under the sense of responsibility, ethics, straightness, and commitment with our finals clients.


To achieve the RECOGNITION FROM OUR CLIENTS, as regards QUALITY AND SERVICE OF EXCELLENCE IN THE MARKET, expanding in that way our national and international operations, creating a solid labor force, proud of its performance and personal and professional growth, through an open managerial administration that generates competitive advantages to our portfolio, designing and developing new equipment and products according to the dynamics of the market.

More than 30 years creating technology for the world!

More than 30 years creating technology for the world!

Support and Warranty

Quality Policies

It is our politics to guarantee that so much the quality of our line of equipment and products, as the after-sales service represented in the installation, the preventive and corrective maintenance, the permanent supply of spare parts (during and after expired the time of warranty), and the permanent consulting to medic and paramedic personnel, are always at the excellence levels.


Our business system is based on three pillars:

1. Total customer focus

2. Participation and teamwork

3. Continuous improvement


R & V Medical Equipment are excellently supported. Total confidence in the quality of our products enables us to offer a WIDE warranty.
*The work is developed by highly qualified technicians always under supervision of Engineering and Medical departments specialized in Europe and the United States of America.


Since we are manufacturers, we offer a very efficient preventive and corrective maintenance service.
We are equipped with electronic laboratories with sophisticated equipment to monitor, measure, and control the different signals, and variables present in electromedical equipment